Things I would tell you..if I had the chance

Things I would tell you..if I had the chance

I know you have fallen out of love with me, but I wish you would not have given up so easily, wasn't there great moments we had and can continue to have. What of all the things we had planned, all the promises we made, and the wonderful future we can create together.

I am trying hard to care less about you, to fall out of love with you, to find new things to do, go out alone, give you space, be kind, keep myself busy, be with my family, traveling alone to Shenzhen, trying to meet other people, I am really trying hard. 

The reason I was upset last night, is that why does our breakup need to be shared with your friends like its an achievement, a milestone, a happy event/ commitment. if Stella is so independent and doesn't want a commitment, then why is she still with her boyfriend, why doesn't any of your friends say, say, and Tom have a beautiful thing together, we can see you care so much for each other, why not give it another go?

Instead of being so supportive of our break up its ok- like its good decision.

haven't I changed for the better? didn't I try? why does it hurt so much again..

My feelings are not your problem- I understand, I really don't want to burden you. It doesn't help. You have moved on, forgive me but I still love you and still think we are special together.


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